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                                  1. Service Hotline : 400-820-7019
                                    HOME > NEWS > Company News
                                    Company News
                                    • LED lighting experts -Shanghai...

                                        "The 17th China international industry fair" will be on November 3 2015 solstice 7 national conference and exhibition center was held in Shanghai, Shanghai WIDEN Photodiode Co.,LTD. Participa...

                                      More details >>
                                    • LED lamp invention patent

                                      A warm congratulations on Shanghai WIDEN Photodiode Co.,Ltd isauthorized to LED lights "invention patent certificate" on June 24,2015, the inventiondiscloses a kind of LED light, including mask and...

                                      More details >>
                                    • On June 5, 2015-7, mountain wu...

                                      With the continuous development of our company size, the specification of enterprise culture and management gradually perfect, the company humanized management system has been fully reflected.In this...

                                      More details >>
                                    • In 2015, the company annual me...

                                               In the new year of 2005, Shanghai Widen ushered in the tenth anniversary and annual feast....

                                      More details >>
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