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                                  1. Service Hotline : 400-820-7019
                                    HOME > NEWS > Company News
                                    Company News
                                    LED lighting experts -Shanghai WIDEN Photodiode Co.,Ltd will be displaying "the 17th China international industry fair 2015"

                                    Published:2015-11-12 Source:Company news


                                    "The 17th China international industry fair" will be on November 3 2015 solstice 7 national conference and exhibition center was held in Shanghai, Shanghai WIDEN Photodiode Co.,LTD. Participation in the industrial exposition booth on H1B023 "environmental protection". In the exposition, WIDEN will use "innovative solutions, support industrial energy environmental protection" as the theme, around the "WIDEN brand" on the application of the latest technology products, introduces the effort of WIDEN industry for China social development and environmental protection concept's and improve the quality of life. More discount if you signing a contract , visitor will also recive presents.

                                    The fair by the national development and reform commission, ministry of commerce, the ministry of industry and information technology, ministry of science and technology, Chinese academy of sciences, Chinese academy of engineering, China council for the promotion of international trade, the Shanghai municipal people's government and the United Nations industrial development organization (unido), attendance is expected to more than 120000 people.