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                                    Company News
                                    On June 5, 2015-7, mountain wuyuan. 3

                                    Published:2015-06-08 Source:Company news

                                    With the continuous development of our company size, the specification of enterprise culture and management gradually perfect, the company humanized management system has been fully reflected.In this year on June 5, 7, my company all staff to mountain tourism in jiangxi province.This activity to enrich employee life, enhance the cohesion between the entire group company as the starting point.Company attaches great importance to the activity, in advance of the whole tourism activities carried on the detailed arrangements, and led by related personnel.Make you really go to relax an oneself mood, feel the nature and means.Along the way, all the enthusiasm, care about each other, the journey is full of singing and harmony and warmth, at the blast, deeply felt the warmth of family, but also the development for the company contribution wisdom and strength of the determination and confidence.Through the tour, not only ease the employees at ordinary times working pressure and tension, and edify sentiment, improve the staff's accomplishment, and increase the cohesion of staff, fully showed good spirit of my company employees, let staff with higher passion into the later work.